nutrack: Akon Right Now (Na Na Na) with Kat DeLuna Previously i featured Akon's Right Now (Na Na Na). Now there is a new version with Kat DeLuna! I'm freaking loving it!!! WAY better than the original version! It's on looooop on my ipod!!! New Track Other tracks Comes with Lyrics Album artwork included Password protected dirrtysean HEARTS very much!!! Hotness rating (1-5)

right here(departed)

by brandy
remixes: Brandy Right Here (Departed) I love this song.. too bad its a flop in the US. Due to this, her upcoming album HUMAN release will be pushed back. I think Team Brandy will release another single bfore the album. And more promo hopefully! The Moto remix is more dancey... while the Haji Emanuel is more emo! YOu'll kinda get the best of both worlds... Remixes Original Track Comes with Lyrics Album artwork included dirrtysean HEARTS very much!!! Hotness rating (1-5)
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Britney Spears

Since there is a very big hype over this song, ive decided to start doing an early post. So YAY my first official entry

Fans of Britney will be pleased to know that this song is soaring through the airplay charts.
Currently at #22 within 1 week plus or so. And #1 at itunes since wednesday.
She going to enter within top 5 or mayb at the TOP at next week's Billboard Hot 100 charts.

PLAY played a womanizer remix track last night, but it sucks though...

And the video is out one hour ago!!!


Original Track

Comes with Lyrics
Album artwork included
dirrtysean HEARTS very much!!!
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